Mobile App & Desktop Site


Mobile App

We have two apps:

Android app 'courseloka' : Download from Google Play

iOs app 'courseloka' : Download from iTunes

How to Sign-up on

Sign-up on with username,  email id and mobile number. 

Visit the Inbox of your email, click the Verification link.

Then, you can login to the app, and website (for Demos, Trials and purchased courses).

How to login to the app

Open the mobile app.

Enter the Username/ Email and Password.

The login gets saved in the app, and next time you don't have to re-enter username and password.

To see your course, in the drop down, select 'My courses'.

Click on Contents to take the course.

Content is organised in Topic form

Content is Offline (Read-only) or Online (login to the website via browser).

a) Offline Content has to be downloaded.

To download, ensure you are connected to a good Wifi connection or data is enabled in your smartphone.

Download only one topics or a few lessons at a time.

To Download Offline Content, Click the cloud with downward arrow.

When new lessons are added, the cloud will appear next to the topic & lesson. You can download at your convenience.

IMPORTANT: Download only one or two lessons at a time. Else, your smartphone may choke.

You can put back a lesson into Trash after earning - this will reduce the downloaded data on your smartphone.

b) Online Content has to be taken on the course website, eg. Quizzes, Feedback, Chat.

Please have patience, in the next app upgrade, you can take quizzes in the app.

Online content has 2 square boxes to the right.

Click on the boxes to go to the website via browser, and login. You can save your website password in the browser, so next time you do not have to enter username password.

How to access the website through the mobile app

In the app's menu drop down, select Website.

Desktop site

The desktop website is and it synchronizes with the mobile app. 
You can learn on mobile app only, or desktop only, or both.

Limitations of the Mobile app vs the Desktop site

The mobile app redirects to the website (login required) for activities like Questionnaire, Poll, Chat, Feedback, Games. 

Community features

Chat – you can chat each other, or the tutor in the chat room.

You can see the list of course participants.

You can see contact details they have provided for course participants. Example, they may provide name, country, contact number, skype id, email id, etc.

Forums and Blogs – you can follow, post and comment in them.

Facebook Comment – you can Like the page and post comments on your facebook page.


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