FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take a course?

Step 1: Buy your course here on www.courseloka.com

Step 2: We will contact you and enroll you in your course, typically within 24 hours.

Login with -

Username/ Email:


What are the online payment options?

On www.courseloka.com:

1)  Razorpay - Wallets, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, net banking - payment gateway on the website www.courseloka.com.

2)  Paytm Mobile Wallet - payment gateway on the website www.courseloka.com 

3)  Paytm Mobile Wallet - Pay to 7019935608

4) Paytm Mobile Wallet with QR code - Scan the QR Code with the Paytm app on your smartphone, pays to 'Courseloka Learning Pvt Ltd'. The QR code is on all product pages such as Quick Hindi, in company offices and with founders/ company personnel.

5) PayPal on www.courseloka.in

Contact us for any other payment choice, bulk/ corporate orders.

How are payments and this website secured?

Payments are always transacted on an SSL secured payment gateway website.

https://www.courseloka.com is also secured with SSL - your registered data, order data, and all website pages are protected.

Privacy policy

We do not sell or share your database with anyone.

How can I see or try a course before buying?

Visit www.courseloka.in 

For Demos, click a Demo course to get access, OR,

1) Click 'Login' (top right corner)

2) Click the button 'Log in as a guest', you will be logged in as a Guest user

3) Click on 'Courses' in the top menu

4) Click and enter 'Free Demos, Trials'

5) You can see any Demo.

To see Trials, 

1) Click 'Login' (top right corner).

2) Click the button below SIGN-UP 'Create new account'.

3) Give registration data - username, mobile number, email address.

4) Visit the Inbox of the email id, click the verification link in the email.

5) Login

6) Click on 'Courses' in the top menu

7) Click and enter 'Free Demos Trials'

8) Click on a Trial. Enroll to enter the Trial course.

Trials may be for a limited duration of 30 days, after which the trial course access will expire. You may buy a course on https://www.courseloka.com to resume learning.

Error: I just signed up on www.courseloka.in but am unable to login 'username does not exist'

This is because you have not verified your email id.
Visit the Inbox of your email id and click the verification link in the email. 
Then you can Login.

Error: Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer. Error: Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

The website session expires after a pre-defined time of login for your security.

You can login again to continue.

What am I getting SMS when registering and ordering on www.courseloka.com?

4 SMS may be sent for your information on registering, placing an order, payment confirmation, and emailing login. We do not charge you for SMSs.

When you do not want SMSs, in the cart, an SMS opt-out option is provided.

Where can I take the course?

You can take the course on Mobile app and the Desktop site www.courseloka.in, both get synchronized when you connect the mobile app to the internet.

Why is there a mobile app and desktop site?

Some customers prefer a mobile app and some prefer a desktop site. Both are provided so each can learn on the medium which suits them. You can learn only on the mobile app, or only on the desktop, or on both as you prefer.

How does the Mobile App work?

See Mobile App

Download the app, Click the button 'Create New account, in the browser register on www.courseloka.in, go to your email Inbox, click the verification link. Then you can login to the app and www.courseloka.in to take free Demos and Trials.

After buying a course here, in 24 hours, see your enrolled courses in 'My Courses' in the left column on the website. They will also appear in the app.

How does the Desktop site work?

See Desktop site

Sign up on www.courseloka.inClick 'Courses' in the menu above. In the left column, see Courses/ My Courses for Free Demos, Trials and purchased courses (can take up to 24 hours to appear after payment).

How can I save space on my smartphone for the courseloka app?

You can put lessons into the Trash. Enter the lesson, click the three dots in the top corner, click on Trash.

You can also do that by moving the App to SD card i.e. external memory card (if you have one). 

On your smartphone open Settings, Applications, select the app 'courseloka', click 'Move to SD card'.

How is course content

Mobile app: A Refresh circular arrow appears next to the updated Topic and lesson. To update the Mobile app, connect to the internet and click the Refresh button.

Updating new lessons by downloading on the mobile app is in your hands. We do not forcibly update the content.

What are Tutor and non-Tutor courses?

Tutor courses have tutors - they evaluate your assignment submissions and give feedback, supervise the course, interact in the forum with you, have chats, and answer your queries. You can have voice or video calls with them.

Non-tutor courses do not have tutor involvement. You learn entirely on your own. But still, do call us for help learning.

How can I get more tutor time?

You can book a tutor in the course in allocated tutorial slots.

To pay for tutor time on www.courseloka.com, contact us.

How can I have video calls with tutors?

We can have skype calls with you.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you can download your certificate with a grade and proficiency badge in the 'General' section of your course.

Every course you take (free and paid) gives you a 'Course Completion Certificate'.

Are courses graded?

Yes, the course has quizzes (automatic grading) and a few assignments (tutor courses). You can monitor your progress.

If you do not like grading, you can avoid taking quizzes, ignore the grades and learn as you wish.

What are quizzes like?

Quizzes are simple multiple choice or True/ false, with text and audio questions.

A few games also appear. 

You will enjoy taking quizzes, so taken them, do not fear them.

What are lessons like?

The course has Topics which contain lessons and quizzes. 

Lessons have text, audio, images, video links in future, conversations, and vocabulary. 

What are the icons in course images?

They give information about the course visually, in addition to reading the course name.

Paid course  Paid course
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Written course  Written course
Quick  Quick course
Traveller  for Travelers/ visitors
Foreigners  for Foreigners

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