What is your name?

Conversation: Ravi asks Vivek his name. Vivek tells Ravi his name.

Ravi has 2 ways to ask:

1) What is your name? My name is Ravi.

"Nimma hesarenu? Nanna hesaru Ravi."

Nimma (your, plural, with respect) hesarenu [hesaru (name) + enu (what)]? Nanna (my) hesaru (name) Ravi.


2) What is your name?

Ninna hesarenu?

Ninna (your {singular}) hesarenu [hesaru (name) + enu (what)]?

To ask with respect, say ‘nimma’ in plural.

For those you know very well, you can say ‘ninna’ in singular.


Vivek: 2 ways to answer:

1) My name is Vivek.

"Nanna hesaru Vivek"

Nanna (my) hesaru (name) Vivek.


2. Just say his name “Vivek”


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