4. Fear of missing the flight

Effective communication for visitors

I was a senior banker for a long time and am an entrepreneur now. I visit Bengaluru from Mumbai on work every few months, usually just for a day. I book a cab for a full day, to take me around around the city for various meetings.

On one such trip, it was late afternoon and I had one last meeting with Rekha before heading back to the airport to catch the flight. The Bengaluru airport is 40 kilometers away from the city and there is a fear of getting caught in chaotic traffic and missing the flight.

I asked the driver in Hindi and English “How long will it take to get to the airport on time for the flight check-in at 6:30 pm”. I received very confusing answers and even after 5 minutes, I was not sure.

I thought it was a language problem and called Rekha on mobile to talk to the driver in Kannada. She asked the driver which route he would take and how much time it would take, but she did not get a clear answer either.

Finally, I had a quick 10 minute meeting and started early to catch the flight on time. The driver just could not understand what I was asking, which was compounded by my not knowing Kannada. When visiting, saving time is of essence to me as I travel around the city for meetings at various new places.

It was a language problem in part, but the taxi driver should have known Hindi or English for an out of town visitor. It was a simple question, “How much time would it take to get to the airport?”

Communication is very important because missing flights can be costly and I could have  been stranded in a city for hours or overnight. This interaction affected my peace of mind at that time. I think Courseloka has recognized a real problem which it is trying to solved by teaching languages in a simple way.

Author: Rajesh Tiwari

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:03 PM