7. Dogs in Cubbon Park and Airlines Hotel

It’s a dog’s world

Growing up in Bengaluru city, I have seen many things change - the traffic, the people, the culture - so much of it has become frenzied, and an almost mindless routine. I have few complaints in Bengaluru and the few I have are too minor to be talked about.

It feels like we are all chasing something - the way our shoes click on the pavements as we brusquely walk to short 'executive lunches’, or as we type emails furiously on our smartphones while in the back of an Uber cab, stuck at a traffic signal. We are living on someone else's clock. A much faster one.

One of my guilty pleasures remains my laidback Sundays. My partner and I take our dogs to the famous Cubbon Park, where we walk for an hour, amidst the trees, the grass, the benches and our fellow Bangaloreans.

The walk includes a visit to the cordoned-off dog park near the library, where our dogs get to go off leash for as long as they behave. The Cubbon Park outing is incomplete without a stop on our way back, at the sugarcane juice seller near the Aquarium.

What rounds out the perfect Sunday morning though, is the subsequent languid, unhurried breakfast at the Airlines hotel. Somehow, this place has held on to its charm over the decades. Perhaps it's just the slow service, or the unfailingly impeccable coffee, or perhaps simply that they allow us to bring in our dogs after our morning's walk. I cannot think of a better way to gear myself up for the week ahead.

Author: Indrayudh Ghoshal, https://about.me/indrayudh

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:17 PM