8. North Indian: Why I am learning Kannada

I get more respect in Bengaluru

I am a Hindi speaking Indian from Kolkata in namma Bengaluru for the last 7 years. I like Bengaluru’s climate, people, cool attitude, and culture.

I work in an IT MNC company which has employees from all parts of India. My boss is a South Indian, but I have North and South Indian colleagues. In my initial 2 to 3 years in the city, I managed without learning Kannada but found mostly Telugu-ites to mingle with, there being only 1-2 North Indians around me in the company.

I travel regularly to tourist destinations on motorbike drives with my friends. I picked up knowledge about Kannada culture and Bengaluru along the way. I eat and relish South Indian food in many restaurants.

I have also learnt how to make idli, dosa and sambhar at home. I want to live and work in Bengaluru, and even settle down here, if possible. I have also purchased a flat in Bengaluru for which I pay EMIs. I have enrolled for car driving lessons as I plan to buy a car.

In time, I have realized the disadvantages of not knowing Kannada and advantages of knowing Kannada. Being a positive person, I took baby steps to learn Kannada.

I joined Kannada classes nearby, but missed classes due to work pressure or travel. So, I signed up for Courseloka’s Kannada course.

I practice Kannada by speaking with local residents, such as shop keepers, couriers, and colleagues.

I have noticed a distinctive difference and a change in my existence here - I get more respect when I speak in Kannada.

Author: Ankit

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