12. Why a Tamilian has a Bihari cook

Hired by choice

I was talking to my neighbour, Kamaleshwari, who has been in Bengaluru for 70 years and asked her to give me a story for my Courseloka app. She did not have any. I prompted her whether she has any language issues with her cook.

She said “I have a Bihari cook now.”

Curious and surprising, I thought! I followed up to get the real story.

I said “You are a Tamilian whose staple diet is South Indian food. Why did you hire a Bihari cook? There are plenty of South Indian cooks in Bengaluru. Did you not get one?”

She said “My Bihari cook makes very good, fluffy chapattis (phulkas). Chapattis made by local cooks are not good or tasty.”

I asked “How do you teach her to cook your South Indian idli, dosa and sambhar?”

She said “I cook my South Indian food as she does not understand our food or spices. Also, local cooks have a big mouth. They listen to our talks and join us, behaving as relatives in giving advice. They get to know a lot about our family and spread tales in the neighborhood.

Hence, after thinking a lot (bahut soch samajh ke), I have hired a Bihari cook who does not understand Tamil or Kannada. Additionally, while she is around, I do not speak much Hindi.”

Author: Kamaleshwari

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:54 PM