14. Why couriers enquire in Hindi

I ask “Kannada Baruthe?”

I am a South Indian who can speak fluent Kannada who lives in HSR Layout which has a lot of North Indians.

On some occasions, when I was expecting a package, the courier boys have called me before delivery, to ask for directions to my address. They have generally asked the directions in Hindi although they know Kannada well.

The courier boy assumed that he knows good Hindi, but that is far from the truth. In broken Hindi, he has asked me for directions. I have struggled to make him understand in Hindi, and then it dawned on me - why not revert to Kannada?

So I have asked in Kannada “Kannada Barutha?” (Do you know Kannada?) and continue in Kannada.

Most of the time the courier boy has answered in the affirmative. Then it has been easy to give clear directions to him.

Why? Because things work faster.

I am more conversant in Kannada, and Hindi takes more time to communicate in. I have to think what to say, and many times, the exact thing I want to say does not come out. Communication is not perfect and this results in a waste of time and multiple calls.

Author: Sridhar Ramu

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