15. Kannada Barutha?

Kannada is not the default language

One has to always ask “Do you know Kannada?” instead of Kannada being the default language in Bengaluru.

Kannada is no longer the first language to initiate a conversation.

There is hesitancy to talk in Kannada. Sometimes there is a need to guess which language the other person speaks.

The way things have advanced in globally Cosmopolitan Bengaluru, a lot of residents, shop keepers and merchants have learnt to speak in Hindi.

Even people who know Kannada well, ask questions in Hindi. Auto drivers ask “Kahan jana hai?”

In return, many times I need to pose the question “Kannada Barutha?” so I can speak in Bengaluru’s local language, the Karnataka State’s official language.

After some time, they realize I am from this place and have been brought up here. Then, they switch to Kannada and we are able to talk comfortably.

I need to ask “Why didn’t you talk in Kannada in the first place?”

Hindi is now the new default language in some places in Bengaluru.

Author: Sridhar Ramu

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:58 PM