17. Bargaining - Advantage Kannada

No bargains while speaking in Hindi, hence pay a higher price

I have observed that North Indians generally do not want to bargain in Bengaluru. They have enough money and are willing to pay more. Vendors do not mind learning Hindi to get that money at their higher price. This is a big reason for raising up of vegetable prices in Bengaluru because locals also have to shell out more.

However, if you know the local language, you can bargain better. When buying vegetables in the market in Tamil or Kannada, if Tamil or Kannada is used for communicating, the shopkeepers are willing to bargain. This is because, shopkeepers may not know Hindi numbers well enough, and do not accept bargains. They just quote a high price, and they get it easily.

Migrants from the North generally do not shop on the road side. They shop in big shops where vegetables are not as fresh. Water is sprinkled to make them appear fresh. They are more expensive and are available at fixed prices.

There is definitely an advantage in knowing Kannada. It is good to know the native language because the other person feels that you have made an attempt to merge with the localites rather than talk in Hindi or any other language.

Author: Sridhar Ramu

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:10 AM