19. Kannadiga maid in a North Indian home

Aiyo! Southie Northie food!

I am a Kannadiga maid and by chance this time I work in a North Indian family’s house.

You must be wondering how my owner and I manage to get any cooking and work done.

Do I mess up the cooking and cook un-edible dishes which are then thrown away?

How do my owners communicate with me? Suppose they want me to come at a certain time, what do they say? Do we use sign language?

Do I know names of household items, vegetables, spices, and food?

Do I follow their instructions?

Do I misunderstand? Do we have arguments often?

Well, luckily, this North Indian family has been here for more than 60 years and learned Kannada when they arrived here. Also, I know some Hindi, and we are able to manage without mishaps.

They have taught me special dishes which I also make at home for my family. And, they like my South Indian dishes too.

Author: Sasikala

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:11 AM