22. How a girl got her own Bullet

Canceled the booked car to get a Bullet!

When I came back from the United Kingdom in 2014, I had saved some money. My parents suggested that I book a car. I did exactly that and after the waiting period, I got a call to pick it up. The day I had to pick up my new car, an incident happened which changed my plans.

My colleague's bullet broke down. I started the bike somehow and dropped him home. During that bike ride to his house, I was sure I wanted a bullet rather than a car.

How could I not want the beast for myself? The possibility of road trips and riding the highways was very tempting. I reached home and told my father that I don’t want to get a car and I want to book a bullet instead. I told my parents of my decision of booking a bullet, hearing of my decision my father jumped with joy and my mom did not speak to me for 3 months. She had this weird idea that no one will marry me if I ride a motorbike.

I booked the bike and to my distress, there was a waiting period of 6 months. I am a stubborn woman and I wanted a bike at the earliest so when I insisted that I need the bike at a shorter span, the showroom guys gave me a list of people who have booked the bikes in advance and are due to get their bike within a week’s time. So I sat down and called around 50 guys to enquire if they are picking up their booked bike.

Those people thought I was a mad woman but my hard work paid off and one guy said he had booked two bikes just in case. He offered to give me one booking at a small profit. I bargained and settled the amount and got my bike in 8 days.

The day I went to pick up the bike, my parents and my brother went along with me and the delivery manager kept on talking to my brother and giving him instructions for the bike. He refused to accept the fact that I bought the bike for me, and my brother kept telling him that the bike is for me not for him.

I loved the astonished look on their faces when I rode my bike from the pickup point and I thank my stars for getting me to this stage in life. Earlier, I used to beg and borrow bikes from men and now I own a bike that many people dream off.

Well, for my mom's fear I am still not married but I am seeing someone and have no regrets on life.

Author: Minakshi Priyadarshini

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