23. Girl on a Bullet motorbike. Surprised?

I ride my own Bullet. No, it is not my father's or my brother's, it is totally mine and I paid for it it.

I am from Odisha, a state in the Eastern part of India. I learned to ride a motorbike when I was in my ninth standard in school.

I am a big girl now, and I ride my own Bullet motorbike.

You must be thinking that women do not ride motorbikes in India. You must be thinking that its a rare scene that a woman ride motorbikes in India. Perhaps, you have never seen one. So, here’s a picture of me.

My Bangalore riding journey started in 2014 when I bought my Bullet.

Where do I go on my Bullet? Where do I go on my Bullet? I ride with my friends in an all women riding group called ‘Bikerni’.

I ride around in South India, usually 300-400 kilometers around Bengaluru, and a maximum of 600 kilometers from Bengaluru. Because of my size and looks, most of the time, I am mistaken for a foreign tourist. People throw curious glances at me, stop whatever they are doing to confirm what they saw.

Human beings are curious creatures, they want to know more and feel more. Hence, they try to speak to me in broken English, but I win them over by speaking in an Indian language and my infectious smile.

Once, I was in Melukote with a friend of mine from Bangalore who too rides a bike (Avenger 220). When we took the diversion from the highway towards Melukote we stopped near a scenic place to take some pics as the place was gorgeous. A huge crowd of village kids, men and women gathered around us and tried to make us talk to them, touching my face just to see if I am real and took our pictures. As my friend is flawless in Kannada she explained to them that we are here to visit Melukote and they were very impressed that an Indian was helping a foreigner on her visit to India. Then, she had to explain that I am an Indian and I can understand Kannada if spoken slowly. The villagers were impressed and they made us celebrities for a short span of time.

Author: Minakshi Priyadarshini

Last modified: Thursday, 2 March 2017, 2:33 PM