24. I was my tenant’s translator

I was her official translator

My grandfather came to namma Bengaluru from Mysore for his job in HAL. Hence, I am in Bengaluru since my birth and was brought up here. So, I am a Bangalorean and a Kannadiga too.

We lived in our own house and had a place to rent. Once, a girl called Anurima took a small room on our house top on rent for 6 months. She was an aeronautical engineering student from Andhra Pradesh and had come to Bangalore for on-the-job training at HAL.

She had a language issue because she neither spoke nor understood Kannada. This was way back in the years 2006-2007 when Kannada was still required in Bengaluru.

Anurima and I became good friends and I became her official resident translator. Ha ha. I laugh when I remember those days. I had to translate Kannada to either Telugu or English to make her understand what the other localities and vendors spoke.

Eventually, I started teaching her basics of Spoken Kannada. As some of the words of the South Indian languages are similar, she picked up the language well.

When she left Bangalore after her course, she could understand and communicate in Kannada for her basic requirements.

Author: Pooja Balasubramanya

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:17 AM