26. Cab Driver faces a customer tantrum

Pick you up from where?

I was in an app-based cab in January 2017 in Pool mode. When another passenger booked the cab too, the driver re-routed to pick up the second passenger. We waited at the location on the map and looked around, but no girl was to be seen nearby.

The driver called the girl asking for her whereabouts. The girl said in Hindi “I am on CMH Road, pick me up from here.” However, the pickup location in the app where we were waiting, was 2 kilometers away.

The driver could not understand the girl, given his limited knowledge of Hindi. He gave me the mobile to talk to the girl.

The girl claimed not to know the area. CMH Road is 2 kilometers long. Where were we to search for the girl? The girl would neither tell her present location nor rebook the trip with the correct location due to a Rs. 50 cancellation fine.

The girl threw a tantrum “How can you talk to me like that? Pick me up from here.”

I asked, “Where is here?”

After trying to reason with her, and waiting 15 minutes, we left her and continued to my destination because I was getting late. The girl would not cancel the trip. After 20 more minutes, the driver canceled the trip citing ‘Wrong Address’.

The driver gave an earful on the way about how customers do a merry song and dance with him and waste his time.

Author: Rekha Chandulal and the Cab driver of an app cab service in Bengaluru

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 8:17 PM