28. Cab at my destination to pick me up

Instead of my present location

It was the first time I had taken a Uber cab in 2015. I downloaded and installed the app, and entered payment details. However, I wanted to talk to Uber to clarify my doubts but did not find any Support number to call. I saw the app and tried to understand how it worked.

I had to attend a conference and had to be at the venue at 8:30 in the morning. I booked the cab  in the app half an hour before. I called the cab driver and said I am in Indiranagar and have to go to Hotel Taj on Residency Road.

I waited for 15 minutes but the cab did not arrive. Anxious that I may get late, I called the driver again. He had reached my destination address and was looking for me.

The Uber app is confusing and I do not know how the destination address got registered as the pickup address. In addition, I had called the driver clearly stating my pickup location and destination location. The driver had followed the app, disregarding what I said.

I called the driver and asked him to pick me up in Indiranagar. He reached in 10 minutes as there was very little traffic. Thus, I could reach the conference on time.

But, I did not use Uber for 2 years because getting a cab on time is critical. I have used Uber recently after understanding how it works.

Author: Rekha Chandulal

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:22 AM