29. Sign language with a maid

Once I had a Tamilian maid

My mother tongue is Marathi but I am born and brought up in Bengaluru. In addition to Marathi, I speak Kannada and Hindi.

Most of the maids available here are Kannadiga, Tamilian, and Telugu. Now, I have a Kannadiga maid. But once, I had a Tamilian maid who would speak in Tamil only.

I would explain what work I wanted to be done, with made-up sign language and action. She would understand my actions and also read my lips. Initially, it was very difficult, but we got adjusted to each other because she had very good grasping power.

I later discovered the reason. Her daughter could not speak due to an accident. Hence, they had learned to communicate in sign language.

She worked in four houses and would tell me stories of their houses. It was a good and hilarious time.

Author does not want to be named.

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