30. Autowala ne fool banaya Chennai mein

Today also, I laugh when I remember

Mine is a Marathi speaking family which is based in Bengaluru.

On a visit to Chennai with my family, an incident happened which I find funny even today. (Ab bhi hansi aatee hai).

In Chennai, auto drivers speak only in Tamil, even when they know Kannada very well.

We had to go to a shop one day and we took an auto. The auto driver said “idhar se far hai, aapko chalne ko nahin hoga”. (It is far from here, you will not be able to walk).

The auto went around in 2 circles and stopped at the shop for which we paid Rs 60 as auto fare. On our way out, we came to the same spot we took the auto from. It was just on the opposite road and within walking distance.

We thought, “kitna acche se humko fool banake chhoda autowale ne” (how well the autowala made a fool of us).

Kitne acchee tarah se jhooth bola. (How well he told us lies).”

We laughed till our stomach started hurting.

The shop’s board was not in English, else we would have read it. There were no GPS and Google maps either to realize how near we were.

I believe that wherever we go, we must know the local language.

Author does not want to be named.

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