32. Fights with autowallas

Fault! But he hit me

I really want to learn Kannada when I remember my altercations with auto drivers in erratic traffic.

When even a minor accident happens in Bengaluru, the offender’s typical first reaction is to over-react and act like a fanatic as though I have committed a horrific blunder. They start talking in Kannada, shout and start accusing me so much that I do not know what to do, faced with their non-stop tirade.

A crowd of locals gathers to watch the tamasha and starts supporting the offender because they are Kannadigas and I am from somewhere else.

They bring in the language divide and paint me as a culprit. The attitude they adopt is that we non-Kannadigas are in the wrong.

It feels like an encounter.

I want to learn Kannada so that I can counter them in their language.

The greatness of Bengaluru is that we can live here without Kannada, except for incidents such as these when language is a must for smoother resolution.

Also, when exploring the interiors of Karnataka, it is nice if non-Kannadigas know the local language so we can be more comfortable with the people here and learn the local history from them.

Author: Ashesh Shah

Last modified: Saturday, 4 March 2017, 1:19 AM