34. I am a Kannadiga, you say Gujarati, Malayali

Why this confusion di

I am a Kannadiga, born and brought up in and near Bengaluru.

I am an established ‘Computer Retailer’ of electronic goods with a store in Bengaluru for many years. I get retail customers walk-in but when they see me, they start talking in Hindi. Luckily, I know Hindi which was my third language in school.

I speculate that maybe they consider me to be a North Indian because my appearance is not dark like a Kannadiga. However, some people have said that I look like a Gujarati or even a Malayali. I could pass off as a Malayali but I am stunned as to what makes them think I am a Gujarati!

I also understand a few words of Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. I can understand what they are saying by looking at people talk. To make it easy, there are many common or similar words in many languages, such as samay (time), namaskaara (good day) and samachaar (news).

Author: Nandeesh

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:27 AM