35. Cat and mouse game in IT shop

Customer is the cat, wants a mouse

I am a Kannadiga, born and brought up in and near Bengaluru.

I am an established ‘Computer Retailer’ of electronic goods with a store in Bengaluru for many years. I get retail customers walk-in and have had many peculiar interactions.

Many a time, well to do people walk in and ask for a mouse. They do not want better quality mice and ask for a Rs 100 cheap and low-quality mouse. On Rs 100 also they want a discount.

Yet, I see that they are willing to pay the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) in fancy, big brand stores without questioning the price. They buy on a big ecommerce marketplace and flaunt their purchase.

Why do they not want a local retailer to make profit?

I used to sell online, but now, even if they give me 100% margin, I will not sell online.

Author: Nandeesh

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 8:23 PM