36. Heaven - Bengaluru weather in Chennai

Recreation is provided by people

I was born and brought up Tami Nadu but I have landed up in Bengaluru. Bosch was my dream company which posted me in Bengaluru in 2004.

I am pursuing entrepreneurship since mid-2016 and nobody pays for my work nowadays. I am paying EMI by dipping into savings. I may have to either sell my apartment and continue entrepreneurship or, keep the apartment and take up a job.

I travel to Chennai once a month where I have siblings, and I am alone here with my family.

Bengaluru is good with the balanced weather which is not too hot nor too cold. You do not find extreme weather conditions unlike Chennai which is a lovely place, but the weather is very hot. The heat is too much and drains energy.

If you have Bengaluru weather in Chennai, it will be heaven on earth in Chennai.

Chennai has a lot of historical places along the beach, such as Mahabalipuram. Bengaluru does not have many recreational places, and one has to go to a mall, movie or a pub.

I have interacted with many Kannadigas and find them very warm and quite good. I feel that Kannadigas and Tamilians have a similar culture.

The cost of living is comparable to other metros and vegetables are not as expensive as in Chennai, but rent and property prices are a bit high.

Author: Name withheld

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:30 AM