37. NRI returns to costly maid services

Foreign returned, charged more

I am a Malayali. I had been in Dubai for many years with my family, where we had a peaceful and undisturbed good time.

When I relocated to Bengaluru from Dubai with my family, I took a nice house on rent in a premium locality.

I looked around for a maid and found one soon. She demanded Rs 1,000/day, once a week,  just for mopping and a little dusting.

It was tough to bargain because I did not know Kannada and I did not know people here to seek help. After asking around, I found that I was paying the maid Dubai rates in Bengaluru.

I thought I was paying too much. I paid for 2 months, found alternatives, and then I stopped that maid’s services.

Now, I am learning Kannada as it helps in talking with locals, managing maids, auto wallas, and shopping for vegetables.

Author: Name withheld

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:30 AM