40. Tried a show in Kannada on a TV channel

30 minute recording was difficult

I am an image consultant and designer staying in Bengaluru since 2007. I am a Malayali and love learning languages.

Once, a Kannada TV channel asked me to do a 30-minute show on dresses.

I had to speak on “how to do an outfit” and “talk about fashion”.

It did not air because it was very difficult for me to record the entire sequence in Kannada. It had technical content and the Kannada expected was not the Kannada I speak on a daily basis, which is ‘kaam chalau’ Kannada.

I first wrote the script in English and had it translated to Kannada. I still needed to understand what the words meant in Kannada as they had to be the closest to my idea.

I tried to speak for 30 minutes but it did not come out well. This is one opportunity I missed for local exposure, just because I have not learned Kannada well enough.

Author: Babita Jaishankar

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:33 AM