41. Rajasthanis mistaken as Kannadigas

Say something in Kannada

This small anecdote happened between me and Dipika when I asked her where she is from. Dipika said “Rajasthan”.

I asked her why she married a Kannadiga. She asked, “Who said he is a Kannadiga?”

Dipika is fair and her husband is also on the fairer side. It was my mistake, as they both seemed to be local.

She said she is often asked “Do you speak Kannada? Say something.”

She says “Bangalore nanna janma bhoomi” (Bangalore is my birth place) to satisfy those who ask. She further clarifies that she had Kannada in school for 3 years.

They really are local, Dipika having been born and brought up here, where they have houses and a running business.

Authors: Dipika and Rekha

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