42. Punjabi kudi but Kannada in Office

I am a Punjabi who married a Kannadiga

I am expected to learn Kannada by my husband and in-laws. I was resisting initially, but have picked up a little Kannada by now, though not willingly. I speak Hindi and English and am a convent educated Punjabi kudi (girl).

I took up a job in a big Indian bank and was posted to a branch. However, everyone in the branch spoke in Kannada. I was the only North Indian there, and, I did not know any Kannada. Whenever we had group meetings with colleagues, I could not get the gist of instructions and missed out on information.

Even though I objected and asked for a common language, it was not considered by the boss.

I am busy and after work, I do not get time for my priorities like health, food, fitness, and hobbies. Learning Kannada is not easy to a Punjabi.

I am a confident person and I know the work I do. I have decided to leave my job instead of learning Kannada.

I feel learning a language should be voluntary and not forced. I feel it is important to be human and have empathy to communicate to the other person.

Author: Name withheld

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 8:24 PM