43. Wrong bus in opposite direction

When I travelled without ticket for one hour

I had gone to attend an interview near Hosur Road, from Indiranagar in Bengaluru. After the interview, it was 8 pm when I got into a bus to return to Indiranagar. However, I had not read the bus name in Kannada, though I am a Kannadiga.

I did not take a bus ticket and the conductor did not ask me either. I was a little gleeful that I got a free ride home. I stood in the bus quietly and thought that I was on the way home. It was past 9 pm when I realized that I had not reached Indiranagar.

I had a doubt and asked my fellow passengers where the bus was going. It seems I had taken a bus in the opposite direction and had landed up in Banashankari. If I had taken a ticket, I would have realized my mistake earlier.

I got down at the next bus stop and waited for the right bus after making proper inquiries. In 15 minutes, I got into the right bus to bring me back home. I reached home only at 10:30 pm in what was perhaps the last bus of the day.

The lesson I learned was that one must be able to read Kannada bus stop names and that knowing Kannada is an advantage.

Author: Name withheld

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