44. Unfulfilled long grocery list

How embarrassing!

I am a Telugu speaking person living in Bengaluru for many years. I do not speak Kannada or Hindi.

Recently, I went to a grocery shop where I saw a young North Indian in his mid-20s standing with a long grocery list. He asked for the items by name in Hindi but the shopkeeper was a Kannadiga.

The North Indian may have come to Bengaluru a few days or a few months back. He did not know Kannada or English, whereas the shopkeeper knew only Kannada.

The shopkeeper tried to understand the Kannada equivalent of masur daal and other grocery items. After a blank face, he said he does not have the items. I guess he must have had the items in stock, but, just because he did not know what was asked, he had to turn away the customer.

He lost the order and I do not know where the North Indian went and purchased the items on his shopping list. He would have taken the effort of going to another place and getting it. I thought the situation was embarrassing as the North Indian was not able to know what exactly to ask for in a new city.

I feel it always helps to learn the local language while venturing to a new city. For your own benefit.

Author: Ravikanth

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:36 AM