46. Lost parking ticket

Let me go or else…

One afternoon in 2015, an acquaintance called me for a grand Bridal Fashion show happening at UB City in the evening.

I drove my car to UB City and took a parking ticket in the passage to the parking lot.

The fashion show was really good with women and men models dressed up in bridal finery on the ramp. The audience was standing and the space was really crowded with people literally touching each other.

After the show, we dinner on the mall side. It was around 10:30 pm when I decided to head back home.

I reached my car and drove to the the exit gate where I was asked for the Parking ticket. I searched my pocket, the car door slot, and inside the car, but the white ticket was not to be seen anywhere. I had not carried a purse and had perhaps put the ticket in my jeans pocket.

The Supervisor wanted to fine me Rs 400. I fought back in Kannada “There was no way for me to enter without taking a Parking Ticket. So, I had just lost the ticket. Perhaps, the ticket was stolen from my pocket in the crowded fashion show. I had not entered without a ticket.”

But the supervisor would not let me pass. I asked, “Where is it written that if I lost the ticket, I would be fined Rs 400?”

He showed me his ticket, because employees also had the same system.

I took his ticket and refused to return it to him. He pleaded for his ticket, without which he would not be able to take his vehicle out, and maybe have to pay a Rs 400 fine (exit charge) too.

I said, “I will give you the ticket but first let my car out. Else, I will tear your ticket to pieces.”

He let my car go and I returned him his ticket.

However, as soon as I exited the gate, within 10 meters, a policeman blocked my car and jokingly asked whether I had a drink. Of course, wine was served at the fashion show and I had a drink or two.

For the first time in my life, I took a breath analyzer test. I was sober and passed the test because I was prudent and had waited for the wine to wear off before driving.

I headed back home to safety but this incident's hangover took a few days to wear off from my mind. Thereafter, I keep my parking tickets safely.

Author: Rekha Chandulal

Last modified: Saturday, 4 March 2017, 12:53 AM