48. Fined for rash driving or Kannada Gottilla

Drove for 100 km thereafter

It was in the late 1980s when I, a Hindi-speaking North Indian, was working in Bengaluru.

I had a small bike accident in Bangalore when no one got killed but I was badly injured. I broke my knee, I was in a hospital for two days, and my leg was in a plaster cast for 3 months.

I had to recuperate at home for three months but when I returned to Bangalore, I had missed my motorbike and driving so much that I went on a long drive of 100 kilometers.

On return, I also had to deal with the case of rash driving which had been booked against me by the local police. I went to court after 6 months, when the case came up for hearing.

I appeared in front of the judge/magistrate in the local court.

The court proceedings were in Kannada and I did not understand a single word. After some discussions and statements from my lawyer, the judge said something to me in Kannada.

I did not understand it, so I said, "Sir, I do not understand Kannada." The judge said, "You pay Rs. 300." I am still not clear whether the fine was for not knowing Kannada or for rash driving! Anyway, I paid the fine and happily went my way on my motorbike.

Oh, I now own a Bullet.

Author: Vivek

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 12:41 AM