Here are a few safety tips to protect you when you park your car.


1.     While parking your car and walking to and from the store, scan the area for suspicious persons. If you notice something out of the ordinary, choose a different area to park in and notify mall security.

2.     Avoid parking by large vans. If there is a van parked next to your car when you return, enter your car from the passenger side.

3.     Conceal all valuable items in your vehicle such as: cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, jewelry, etc. Lock your valuables in the trunk and out of plain sight.

4.     When entering and exiting your vehicle, do it quickly.

5.     Be cautious of strangers asking questions as you walk to or from your car.

6.     Avoid having your back turned while putting bags in your car.

7.     Familiarize yourself with exits around the parking lot, especially in malls.

8.     Always lock your doors and roll the windows all the way up.

9.     Remember where you parked your car. When there are no row numbers provided, look around the parking lot for landmarks such as trees or light posts.

10.     Have your keys ready before you get to your vehicle. Searching for or fumbling through your purse to get your keys after reaching the vehicle leaves you vulnerable to attackers.

11.     Look around to see if the parking lot is populated so you are not isolated. If you feel unsafe, have someone from security or the store walk out with you.

12.     As you approach your car, look around it, under it, and in it to make sure no one is hiding or waiting for you. Also, look at the cars next to yours. If someone is sitting in the car next to yours, or near enough to quickly jump out and grab you, or if a van or truck is parked on the driver's side of your car, go back to the store and get a security guard or employee to walk you out to your car. If none of this is possible, look in the back seat of your car to make sure no one is hiding in it and then get into the car from the passenger's side and lock the car right away.

13.     Look under, in front of, and all around your car before you get in.

14.     After reaching your car, check around your car for tyre punctures, nails in car tyres, and missing wheel caps.

15.     Once you get in your car, leave! Do not sit in the car, preoccupied by other things such as: making a list, talking on mobiles, fixing makeup; this makes you an easy target for a predator.

16.     Always be aware of your surroundings - this is your best defense!

17.     Park Safely: When parking, choose spots that are well-lit, amongst other cars, and as close to the main entrances of a building as you can. Lock your car quickly, but keep your keys handy in case you have to get back in. Be aware of someone loitering near your car, and always check in and around your car before entering. When loading your trunk, do so as quickly as you can and always be aware on your surroundings of someone approaching.


Last modified: Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 5:30 PM