1.    Have your ticket or change ready so you do not have to get your wallet out at a busy place.

2.    Always wait in a well-lit area for your bus or train and wait near other people. If possible, meet a friend there to wait with you.

3.    If you are on a bus or train alone, or if it is dark - stay as close to the driver as possible. Do not go to the back of the bus or train or to an upper level.

4.    Stay awake while riding buses, trains and taxis.

5.    Always take an aisle seat so you won't be blocked in.

6.    Pay attention to who gets off at your stop.

7.    Keep your belongings on you. Put purses over your shoulder, larger bags between your legs as you sit, etc.


Last modified: Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 5:57 PM