1.  Always pour your own drink at a party and take it with you everywhere, even to the bathroom, else go to the bathroom only after finishing your drink. This will make it a lot harder for someone to drug you via your drink.

2.  Watch the bartender as he or she pours your drink. To be extra safe, drink wine instead of a cocktail. Mixed drinks take longer to make. You could be easily distracted and miss the bartender (who could be working with the predator), or someone else slipping something into your drink.

3.  When going out with your girlfriends, decide beforehand that you will stick together. Do not let your friend go off alone with a guy.

4.  Do not leave in a drunk state. Wait till the drink has worn off.

5.  Do not drive in a drunk state.

6.  Appoint a person among your friends who will stay sober, not drink, and will drop you safe home.


Last modified: Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 6:03 PM