Travel -2

31.     Do not wear a lot of jewelry. Having a lot of expensive looking or flashy jewelry makes you an easy target for predators.

32.     Always maintain eye contact.

33.     If possible, it is best to travel with another person or in a group.

34.     Wear a real or fake wedding ring and carry a picture of a real or fake husband. There's no need to tell men that you're traveling alone, or whether you're actually married or single. Lie unhesitatingly that you are traveling with your husband and he is for you at the hotel.

35.     Use a business card for a luggage card instead of using your home address.

36.     Never tell anyone that you are traveling alone. If someone persistently asks, lie.

37.     When Hailing a Taxi

38.     Avoid hailing a taxi when you are alone. Call a cab company ahead of time to schedule a pick up at your location. When the cab arrives, ask the driver to confirm who he is picking up to make sure they are from the company that you called.

39.     Always try to share a cab with a friend or someone you know.

40.  Do not engage in personal conversations with the driver. It is okay to be friendly, but do not give out too much information about yourself or your travel plans.

41.  When you get to your destination, ask the driver to wait until you are inside.

42.  If you ever feel uneasy or threatened, have the driver let you out at a familiar, busy or popular place.

43.  Call ahead to see if your hostel or hotel has a locker or safe. If it doesn't, bring a bike-style lock and attach your things to something in your room.

44.  Consider a slash-proof bag if you are going to stay in hostels, other group accommodations, or you're bringing expensive electronics like a computer or a camera.

45.  Bring a portable door or window alarm. These are cheap, easy ways to make any accommodations feel safer. The door alarm is also a jamb that can make shared bathrooms more private while you shower.

46.  Pack a thin one-piece bathing suit. If you're going to be in a protest or mob situation that can get grabby, wearing this under your clothes is a simple step.

47.  Carry a safety mechanism, such as a whistle or a cat keychain all work for self defense.

48.  Keep emergency contraception.

49.  Bring a selfie stick so you need not hand your camera or phone to someone to snap a pic for you.

50.  Keep two hotel keys with you, one in your bag and one on your person.

51.  If you order room service or something from a hotel, never disclose that you are alone.

52.  If you have to, say the other person will "be right back," or open the door only partway.

53.  Leave the DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door and the TV on when you leave your hotel room. Potential intruders will think you are in the room and not try to enter the room.

54.  Befriend female hotel/hostel employees, ask them for tips about getting around the area and where NOT to go.

55.  Have the address of your hotel or hostel written down to hand to taxi drivers in the local language if if you do not speak the language.

56.  If you’re listening to music, don’t wear both headphones. Keep one ear open to hear anything strange.

57.  If you get lost, don’t look at your phone or a map in the middle of the street. Get into a café or shop and check there.

58.  Opt for a GPS when renting a car.

59.  Do not look at a map or your phone in an unfamiliar place as it is dangerous and time-consuming.

60.   If you’re driving, fill up your gas tank when it’s half full to avoid running low when you’re in a sketchy area (or a place with no gas at all).

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