Travel -3

61.     Take your bag with you to the bathroom every time, even on buses and trains.

62.     Always go in a train car that has other people in it.

63.     On buses or trains, sit close to the front and close to other women.

64.     Don’t sleep on trains.

65.     And don't take night trains alone if you can help it.

66.     Build a financial cushion into your budget so you can take cabs when you feel unsafe walking.

67.     Snap a picture of your cab’s license plate before you get in it.

68.     When you’re in a car or walking home, make a real (or fake) phone call to say “Yep, I’m almost there. I’ll be there by XXX” so the driver thinks you are meeting someone at your destination.

69.     Track your cab via Google Maps so you can tell if you’re going off route.

70.  If you stop to buy tickets or anything where your attention is away, put your bag between your legs or in between your body and the counter instead of beside you.

71.  Drink in moderation. Know your limits. Keep your wits about you while you're having fun.

72.  Talk to lots of people!

73.  If you’re out and on a tour, or walking around, talk to people and get a sense for what’s happening and where.

74.  If you get in a situation where you feel alone and unsafe, start telling stories using “we” about your (real or imaginary) other. It creates a sense of partnership and security.

75.  Don’t feel guilty about saying no to anything.

76.  It's OK to turn down help with your bags, an invitation to dinner, and a drink. Don't be afraid to be rude if it means feeling safe. And trust your instincts about when to accept help.

77.  Politeness is never more important than safety. Trust your intuition, stop worrying about what other people think, be nice when it’s warranted, and choose safety when it’s not.

78.  Trust your instincts. If they tell you something is off, it probably is. And at the same time, if they tell you it’s all good, it probably is.

79.  If you’re couch surfing and the situation feels uncomfortable, just leave.

80.  Women, walk with your back straight and your head held high, and looking people right in the eye when they address you. “Learn to walk like a man.”

81.  Make sure you know of popular scams, cons and problem areas within the city/region where you’re planning to travel.

82.  When taking a taxi, keep your stuff with you in the back seat so that you retain control over when you can get out. It can be useful if the cab is taking a longer route, tries to overcharge you, or if things feel uncomfortable.

83.  Talk to Locals. Tour guides will point out any areas you might want to steer clear of.

84.  From my experience, women look after women, which is heartwarming. I travel solo, and local women are often really helpful.

85.  Transit Safely.

86.  When traveling solo after dark, walk relatively close to a couple or a family. You’re less of a target if you’re by other people.

87.  If you ever do feel like you’re bringing followed, pop into the nearest restaurant or hotel.

88.  Another tip that came up several times is knowing when to splurge and when the save.

89.  Avoid traveling by train/bus/taxi by night if possible. Arrange to arrive at a new location in the light of day.

90.  Take the business card or ask front desk/concierge to write down the name, address, and phone number of your accommodation. That way, suppose you get lost or are in a cab and cannot communicate with the driver, you can hand it to them and get back to the hotel.

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