Street -2

26.  Always walk or travel in areas well lit and that have plenty of other people around. Avoid being isolated from others as much as possible.

27.  Try to always walk on the side of the street facing traffic to avoid being followed by or hit an automobile.

28.  Avoid commonly isolated places, such as stairways of buildings, alleys, industrial areas, and some elevators.

29.  Be aware of potential hiding spots for attackers.

30.  If you feel you are being followed, turn and look back to see who it is. If you feel threatened, run or walk briskly to a group of people and tell them your concern; or go to the nearest home or open business and call the police. If you run to a home, shout "FIRE" instead of "HELP". If absolutely necessary, use your shoe or belt to break a window to get attention quicker.

31.  If someone attempts to attack you in a public facility such as a hotel, motel or restroom, scream at the top of your lungs, "FIRE, FIRE". Studies have shown that people are more apt to respond if they feel threatened by fire.

32.  Do not walk alone when you have been drinking alcohol, have taken medication, or while in a fragile emotional state.

33.  Plan your route and avoid short cuts through parks, vacant lots, or poorly lit areas.

34.  Carry coins to make emergency calls in the event you do not have your cell phone, the batteries have gone dead, or your phone has been stolen.

35.  Choose routes that are well used, well lit, and safe, and those with places to sit in case you want to stop and rest.

36.  Walk on a sidewalk or a path whenever possible.

37.  Check out city parks. Many parks have walking or jogging trails away from traffic.

38.  Stay alert at all times. If you’re listening to music as you walk, turn down the volume so you can still hear bike bells and warnings from other walkers and runners coming up behind you.

39.  Carry your ID with emergency contact information, and bring along a phone and a small amount of cash.

40.  Watch out for uneven sidewalks, which are tripping hazards.

41.  Cross at crosswalks or intersections. Jaywalking increases your risk of a serious accident.

42.  Before you start to cross a street, make sure you have plenty of time to get across. Rushing increases your risk of falling.

43.  Pay attention to the traffic signal. Cross only when you have the pedestrian crossing signal, and look both ways, left and right, as you cross.

44.  Never assume a driver sees you crossing the street. Try to make eye contact with drivers as they approach.

45.  Be seen to be safe. Wear brightly colored clothing during the day, and wear reflective materials or carry a flashlight at night.


Walking with your lady

46.  Sub-urban Sidewalks: If you’re a man and you’re walking down a sidewalk with your wife or girlfriend with you (or even your daughter, sister, etc), put the lady on the house side and you walk along the street side, because any threats are most likely to come from the street, from parked cars, or from between parked cars.

47.  Urban Sidewalks - On the other hand, if you’re walking down a busy urban street, like a downtown area with big buildings, threats are most likely to come from the building side, such as recessed doorways and alleys. In this situation, you should stay on the building side and put the lady on the street side, so that you are between her and any likely threat.

48.  Go Around a knot of people - If there is a knot of people on the sidewalk, do not separate yourselves so that you walk around to one side and she walks on the other side. If you do that and someone attacks her, you will not be able to defend her, especially if another member of the group grabs or attacks you. Instead of separating, take her arm and keep her close as you both go around the group. Put yourself between the strangers and your lady.

49.  Go Through a Loose Group -  Do not separate. Keep her by your side and turn your own shoulder to pass between two of the strangers. Say, “excuse me” politely and keep on walking.

50.  Ignore Verbal Insults - When you are out with your lady, always ignore cat calls and verbal insults from strangers. Why? Because you do not want to risk your lady’s safety. Keeping her safe is the priority. If you respond to an insult and end up in a fight and get knocked out, your lady could be deprived of your protection. Keep your wits about you and be safe. Avoid conflicts whenever possible.


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