1.   Door. Make sure your door is latched when you are in the apartment.

2.   Do not leave your balcony door open at night.

3.   When you order food, or have to pay off milkmen, or other vendors, do not leave the door open. Take the items from the door itself and do not allow them to step inside.

4.   Never let in strangers when you are alone.

5.   If you are living alone, get an alarm system installed.

6.   Look through the keyhole before opening the door.

7.   Don't put your name on your apartment buzzer. If you're expecting guests, just let them know which number to push. This way, only people who know you know exactly where you live.

8.   When you move into a new place, check your smoke detector and other places for a hidden camera, just in case your landlord is spying on you.

9.   Respect your building’s access control system. Do not open secured doors or let people you do not know into the building, even if they claim to live there or tell you they are visiting someone.

10.   Notify your landlord immediately if a light bulb needs to be replaced in the hallway, stairway, storage room, or laundry. Intruders may use the darkness in those remote locations to lie in wait for solitary victims.

11.   If you must put your name on your mailbox, try to use your first initial only. An attacker may be able to gain access to your building by convincing you or your neighbors he/she knows you and needs to come in for a legitimate reason.

12.   If an intruder breaks in, try to leave your apartment safely and contact the police from another location. If you cannot leave, lock yourself in a room with a phone and call the police.


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