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Migrating population

Helping you communicate to work, live and thrive

We are seeing a large-scale migration of people in India and globally. People are moving to other places for work, studies, and marriage.

New place, new challenges

You have moved

Did you know that about 500 million of India's 1,300 milllion population has migrated from their place of origin?

New conditions

You have new challenges to tackle, new risks and dangers to watch out for, varied weather conditions and unknown situations.

Make a new life

Yes, 40% learn to make a new life in new cities with new languages, new cultures, new neighbors, new workplaces and colleagues, new food, new friends and connections to make, new networks and communities.

Stronger, connected multi-lingual cities

Sometimes, you may feel like a foreigner in your own nation. India has many states, and each behaves and feels like a new nation sometimes.

In Bengaluru, Indian citizens from all over India reside.

At least six languages are commonly spoken, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English.

In addition, Bengali, Gujarati, Marwari and Urdu speakers also reside here.

And, 7 million foreign tourists visit annually.

Founder's message


You may be wondering which language to speak in?

To make life easier for yourself and all citizens residing here, is it not better for all to know one local language of the place you are staying in for a while?

Courseloka says, "Come, let's unite and be strong again. Let's talk to each other, human to human, and learn to live again".

Do not hesitate, strike up a conversation with anyone. In Bengaluru, Indian citizens from all over India reside.

Connecting humans

As Nelson Mandela said “When you speak to a man in your language, you speak to his head. When you speak in his language, you speak to his heart”.

Benefits of talking in each other’s language
You can connect instantly, find ready acceptance, be safer, have efficient and effective transactions, save time, cost and effort, women can be safer, be less hassled and enjoy a better peace of mind, travel around the state and pick up some history.

Yes, you can
Learning a new language is one of the toughest things your brain does. It rewires the brain, making it stronger and more resilient.

Who are you?

Are you new to the city? Are you working, a student, tourist, or family?
Are you here for a while, or perhaps for many years, or ‘just visiting’?
Do you want to settle down in Bengaluru?
Are you a resident who wants to talk with newcomers?

Why learn

Learn a language to do your social, personal and functional activities like socializing, shopping, making enquiries/ seeking help, giving directions, intra-city travel and tourism, eating out, managing household matters, landlord talks, follow local news on television or radio, and handle medical or other emergencies.

Women safety

Knowing many languages makes you safer by being better informed and able to protect yourself in uncertain situations. Integrate locally and build support networks around you.

Real and funny stories people had in namma Bengaluru, shared for your entertainment. Soon to add: city information.