19 Jan 2016: Android app 'courseloka' live on Google Play

31 Mar 2016: 'Learn Kannada via English' courses live

14 July 2016: Incorporated 'Courseloka Learning Pvt. Ltd.

7 Oct 2016: Indian Institute of Bangalore's NSRCEL selected for Launchpad @Nasscom Change Makers Summit for WomeninTech -

7 Nov 2016: 'Learn Kannada with Hindi' courses live.

8 Jan 2017: 'Learn Hindi with English' courses live.

10 May 2017: FbStart, Facebook's SheLeadsTech selected for Bootstrap Program

1 Aug 2017: 'Learn German with English' courses live

20 Jan 2018: Courseloka certified as a 'Startup' by the Karnataka Startup Cell.

21 Jan 2018: Government of Karnataka's 'ELEVATE 2' Winner -

1 Feb 2018: 'Learn English' courses live

12 March 2018: iOS app live on app store Click to View app page

16 Apr 2018: 'Learn Kannada with Telugu/Tamil' courses live

19 Sept 2018: 'Learn Kannada for Class 1-3 courses live

8 Feb 2019: Paypal payment for Indian customers and foreign currencies live on

12 Feb 2019: Courseloka recognised and certified as a Startup by DIPP, Startup India


1 March 2018: Priyank Kharge funds startups that promote Kannada
by KR Balasubramanyam, ET Bureau

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The IT Minister Shri Priyank Kharge said "Kannada is among the four or five classical languages in the country. Unless we did something now, how can this classical language survive in this digital age? Courseloka is developing an online platform to help outsiders learn Kannada with one's own language. As a Kannadiga, I am happy that our very special language, and our culture will go forward into the digital future, with safe hands."

21 Jan 2018: Government of Karnataka, GOK, Winner of Elevate 2 (Kannada & Culture) at the Bangalore Palace.

19 Sept 2016: Deccan Herald, Metro Life, page 3 (DHNS) - Language Matters 'On the right course'
by Anushree Agarwal, DHNS

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