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Stories @Bengaluru

Stories @Bengaluru

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Astonishing Real Stories of life in namma Bengaluru. Why did a Tamilian hire a Bihari cook? Who removed my car’s wheel cap? Why did the judge fine me? I took a bus in the opposite direction. Ondu eradu… Kannada gottilla. How can women neighbours from different languages gossip? How I got away after I lost my parking ticket. Girl on her bullet motorbike! Cab customer tantrum. Cab driver torture by customers. Dogs allowed in the restaurant? Illiterate in Saudi airport. Cat and mouse game in an IT shop. Calling a chicken to be the lunch. I want to fight with autowallas in Kannada. Eat raw rice or cooked rice? Are you a North Indian or South Indian? Bengaluru weather in Chennai would be heaven. My tenant’s translator. Why do some drivers speak in Hindi and some only in Kannada? Aaargh! Why are you talking to me in Kannada? What is masoor daal in Kannada? Asked Rs 1983 change for a milk packet! The girls are giggling at a shy young guy! Break the traffic rule or pay a fine. Speak in Kannada get a 75% traffic fine discount.