Where are you from?

Conversation: Ravi asks Vivek which city he belongs to or is coming from, or his native.


Ravi can ask in 3 ways:

1) Which place are you from?

Neevu yalliavaru?


Neevu (you) yalliavaru (are from which place)?



2) Where are you from?

Neevu yallinda bandideera?


Neevu (you) yallinda [yalli (where) + inda (from)] bandideera (have come)?


3)  Which one is your city/ place?

Nimma ooru yavadu?


Nimma (your) ooru (city/ place/ native) yavadu (which one)?


Vivek can answer in 4 ways:

1) I am from Delhi.

Nanna ooru Delhi.


Nanna (my) ooru (city/ place/ native) Delhi.


2)  I am of Delhi.

Naanu Delhi avanu.


Naanu (I) Delhi avanu (am of).


3) I have come from Delhi.

Naanu Delhi inda bandidene.


Naanu (I) Delhi inda (from) bandidene (have come).


4)  I am a Delhi resident.

Naanu Delhi vasi.


Naanu (I) Delhi vasi (resident).


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