How many children do you have?

Conversation: Ravi asks Vivek how many children he has.


1) How many children are there for you?

Nimage yeshtu makkala iddare?


Nimage (for you) yeshtu (how many) makkala (children) iddare (are there)?


2) How many children for you?

Nimage yeshtu jana makklu?


Nimage (for you) yeshtu (how many) jana (persons) makklu (children)?


3) You have children?

Nimage makkalu iddaara?


Nimage (for you) makkalu (children) iddaara (are there)?


Vivek: Yes, I have one boy and one girl.

Houdu, nanage obba maga matte ondu magalu iddare.


Houdu (yes), nanage (for me) obba (one) maga (son) mattu (and) ondu (one) magalu (daughter) iddare (are there).


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